JSSL League Haze Policy Update

In light of the recent haze the League Organizers have implemented the following league haze policy:

  • League Games will be played up to 125 for the psi 3 hour reading (on the NEA website/app).
  • If the 3 hour psi haze reading goes over 125 League games will be canceled.
  • For teams that have already started their games and the PSI reading goes over 125 we will continue and finish off the game.
  • For teams that have arrived on site and have not yet started their game and the PSI reading goes over 125 we will offer both teams the choice of playing or not playing the game. If 1 team decides they do not want to play we will re-schedule the game.
  • Haze updates will be sent out to the League Coaches on the League Coaches whats app groups and will be posted on the jssl facebook weather line page - https://www.facebook.com/jsslweatherline
  • We will try to give as much notice as possible prior to a game, however in some instances it could be 50mins before a game so please prepare your parents.
  • Ultimately, the JSSL Leagues are for the the benefit and enjoyment of the children and teams. Parents and clubs should make their own decision as to whether to play based on their child’s personal conditions.
  • Thank you for your understanding.