JSSL Singapore National Youth 4v4 Leagues – COVID-19 Precautions & Protocol


  • All Clubs will be required to have 1 Safe Management Officer present at a venue when that Clubs teams are playing.
  • The Safe Management Officer must wear their club t-shirt / polo top for easy identification.
  • The SMO cannot coach games. Their role is to ensure that player and coaches from that Club strictly abide by the rules listed below. And to work closely with the League Organizers to ensure smooth and easy compliance.
  • Any Club that does not follow the rules will risk being ejected from the 4v4 Leagues.


  • Teams and coaches are advised to arrive a maximum of 25 Minutes before their allocated Match Timing to avoid crowding. Please do NOT arrive earlier as space allocation is limited.
  • When players arrive outside the venue, the adherence to Singapore’s Measures is the responsibility of the respective club and the SMO.
  • A Maximum of 1 Coach per Team of 4 players is allowed.
  • All Players must wear their masks inside the venues at all times except for when they enter their assigned Pitch. They must also put their masks back on before leaving their assigned Pitch.
  • All Coaches and Staff must wear masks at all times inside the Venue and at all times.
  • All Players must stay within their Groups of 4 once entering the venue. At no point should they move to another group or mingle with other groups.
  • Coaches should maintain a 3 metre safe distancing gap with their players at all time. There will be designated areas for Coaches by the side of the pitch and Coaches must stay in this area for the duration of the match.
  • Referees should maintain a 3 metre safe distancing gap between players and coaches and are not allowed to be refereeing on the pitch.
  • Referees should wear masks at all times when they are not refereeing.
  • All Players, Coaches & Staff will be required to Check in using the Safe Entry QR Code and have their temperature taken. If their temperature is above 37.5 degrees, they will not be able to enter the venue.
  • All Players, Staff and Coaches will be required to submit their declaration form before the first match.
  • Players are to bring their own water bottles and arrive in their match kit. Once inside the venue players must stay in their designated holding area until proceeding to their assigned pitch.
  • Coaches are required to wear face coverings at all times including Warm up and Matches.
  • All players are required to wear face coverings on the side-line.
  • Players and coaches are required to space themselves and personal items (bags, water bottle, etc.) at a safe distance (6 feet) from others. Markings will be placed on the field to safely space players out.
  • Players should have their own protective equipment including gloves and pads.
  • No handshakes or fist bumps are allowed. Players may bow to show good sportsmanship.
  • Spitting, chewing, smoking, alcohol and tobacco are not allowed. Any person found in violation will be immediately ejected.
  • Players / Coaches wishing to speak to the organizer or opposing coach should go through their SMO first. If they do approach the Organiser they should be wearing a mask and practise social distancing.
  • Players are encouraged to bring and use hand sanitizer.
  • Please be vigilant in preventing the spread of the virus by practicing good hygiene as recommended by government guidelines.
  • All coaches and Players should conduct a daily self-assessment and not attend matches if:
    • They are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
    • An individual or a household member has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for, been diagnosed with or is suspected to have COVID-19.
    • The individual has tested positive for COVID-19 and has not determined it is safe to return.
  • Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms or have had exposure risks as listed by Government policy.

In addition:

  • Coaches are to ensure that all players bring their Player ID Cards and that all players are registered before they play their first league game
  • This includes ensuring they bring along their Original Passport for the 1st game they play

All those entering the venue will be required to check in with the issued Safe Entry QR Code via the Trace Together App and their temperature will be taken. Anyone with a Temperature above 37.5. degrees will not be allowed to enter the venue.


  • B6’s – Boys Born 1/1 2014 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2013 or later.
  • B7’s – Boys Born 1/1 2013 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2012 or later.
  • B8’s – Boys Born 1/1 2012 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2011 or later.
  • B9’s – Boys Born 1/1 2011 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2010 or later.
  • B10’s – Boys Born 1/1 2010 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2009 or later.
  • B11’s – Boys Born 1/1 2009 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2008 or later.
  • B12’s – Boys Born 1/1 2008 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2007 or later.
  • B13’s – Boys Born 1/1 2007 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2006 or later.
  • B14’s – Boys Born 1/1 2006 or later / Girls Born 1/1 2005 or later.
  • B16’s – Boys Born 1/1 2004 or later + 1 player Born 1/1 2003.
  • G11’s – Girls Born 1/1 2009 or later.
  • G13’s – Girls Born 1/1 2007 or later.
  • G15’s – Girls Born 1/1 2005 or later.
  • G17’s – Girls Born 1/1 2003 or later + 1 player Born 1/1 2002.

**Girls can play 1 year below their age group in Boys league **


  • Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win
  • Each team will be awarded 1 point for a draw
  • Each team will be awarded 0 points for a loss
  • The League Champions will be the team with the most points at the end of the Round
  • Should there be a tie on points, the following will conditions will decide the League Champions (in order of sequence):
    • First – Goal Difference
    • Second – Goals For
    • Third – Goals Against
    • Fourth – Head To Head Matches
    • Fifth – If all of the above is equal, the 2 teams will play a 2 x 12 minute game to determine the Champion. If the game ends in a draw, a sudden death penalty shoot-out will take place.


  1. All teams will be required to register online all their players before the start of the season and at least 48hrs before the teams 1st league game. A maximum of 6 Players can be registered in 1 Team.
  2. In the case of injuries and at the discretion of the Organiser, Teams can request a player be replaced in one of their teams. However, the change must be emailed to the organiser, which will not be unreasonably withheld. The player MUST comply with the registration guidelines below.
  3. Team registration is. Online and teams must submit, the full name, D.O.B and a current head shot picture for each player in the online portal. This process must be completed before the start of the League Season and at least 48hrs before the teams 1st league game.
  4. All team and player registrations are the responsibility of each respective club/manager; any player who has not been registered online will not be permitted to play.
  5. Every player will be required to bring his/her original passport/ original photo id or last season’s JSSL League ID card to verify his/her Player Registration before the first game of the Round.
  6. Players will not be allowed to play if they do not register with their original passport / ID or last year’s JSSL league ID before their first game and are not registered on line on the teams backend webpage.
  7. Teams and coaches are advised to arrive a maximum of 25 Minutes before their allocated Match Timing, and no earlier, to avoid crowding.
  8. If teams are changing their player registrations due to injuries, they will need to resubmit the form with the full team list with ALL players details.
  9. All players can only play in 2 age groups where the Divisions are the same. i.e Boys 7 Div 1 and Boys 8 Div 1.


  1. Fixtures will be scheduled in March 2021 for the entire Round.
  2. Matches will consist of 2 Halves of 12 Minutes (2 x 12 Mins) with a 2 Minute Half Time.
  3. Teams will play 2 matches on a Sunday, with 30 minutes break between Matches.
  4. League results and tables will be updated on line as matches for each age group is completed.
  5. In the case of an injury, the game will be played 3v3 with one substitute for the opposing team out of sportsmanship. In the case where there are 2 injuries from 1 team, the score at that point in the match will be taken as final and the remainder will be played 3v3 with mixed teams.
  6. In the case of a Red card, the match will be played 4v3. If there is a second Red Card for the same team, the match will be forfeit as a 3-0 Walkover.
  7. Results and tables can be accessed at www.jssl-singaporeleagues.com
  8. Any team wishing to dispute a result or league standing will have 2 weeks from the date of the match to raise the issue by email to the Organiser. Any decision made by the Organiser Management Committee is final.
  9. Each Team is recommended to bring one pair of Goalkeeping gloves in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  10. If a match is stopped for any reason, if at least half of the match is complete the final score will be taken. For example if a game is stopped during Half Time, this will be considered the final score.
  11. For matches that are not able to complete at least a half, they will be rescheduled to a later date.


  1. Please note that the match and the points will be forfeited, if a team is unable to play a scheduled game and did not provide notice before the start of the season.
  2. Matches will also be forfeited if a team only shows up with 2 players. In this case there will be an attempt to provide a friendly match by mixing the 2 scheduled teams.
  3. If a game is forfeited then 3 points and a 3-0 scoreline will be awarded to the other team.
  4. If a team fails to show up for 2 games in a season or cancels last minute, they will be withdrawn from the JSSL Leagues.


  1. At all times players, coaches and parents are to act and represent themselves in an orderly and professional manner.
  2. All JSSL venues do not permit:
    – Animals, pets or smoking
    – Use of foul Language in any language
  3. Coaches will be assigned half of the pitch side area from which to coach from and they will be required to remain within their half of the pitch at all times
  4. Coaches and parents will not be allowed to coach or stand directly behind goals.
  5. Players that are yellow carded twice in a half season will be suspended for 1 game starting from the next league game.
  1. Players that are red carded in a game will be suspended for 1 game starting from the next league game.
  2. Coaches that raise their voice to an unacceptable level and who using foul language, in any dialect/language, and/or are not behaving with a responsible conduct will be asked to leave the pitch.
  3. Any soccer school or club that attempts to age cheat by playing overage players, non-registered players or inappropriate players will:
    1st offence will have coach and player withdrawn from JSSL Leagues
    2nd offence will have entire team that is involved withdrawn from JSSL League
    3rd offence will have entire club withdrawn from JSSL Leagues
  4. Any soccer school or club that approaches and solicits players from other soccer schools or clubs with the intent to poach players into joining their club will be withdrawn from the JSSL Leagues


  1. Players can only transfer between clubs during the break between Rounds.
  2. The “transferred” player will only be eligible to play for the new club for 10 days after official registration has been performed by the new club.
  3. The registration process has to be done in person at the JSSL Registration Tent with the player and his/her parent and coach or SMO present along with their original passport or JSSL ID. They must complete the League Transfer Form and only then will the 10 days commence.


  1. Div 1 + 2 – teams will be required to have unique player numbers for each team and player.
  2. Div 3 and below – teams will be required to have numbered jerseys but not unique numbers.
  3. Girls leagues – teams will be required to have numbered jerseys but not unique numbers.


A coach’s primary responsibility is to make sure that his/her players have fun, develop as footballers and to instil in them a passion for the game.

The performance of coaches is not measured in wins and losses, but rather in a players development and what they learn in terms of technique, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Coaches are charged with the responsibility of controlling their players and with their SMO, their parents at all times during before and after a match.

Coaches will wear a mask at all times, and dress appropriately for match games with a Club top and club logo/emblem and will wear closed shoes.

Coaches lead and teach by example; players will be a reflection of the manager and coach.

Coaches will:

  • Use positive reinforcement when dealing with players.
  • Never use foul or abusive language and never abuse a player mentally, verbally, or physically.
  • Have respect for the League admin team and for the authority of the referee, our opponents on match days and the officials of their club.
  • Teach players the rules of the game, fair play, and proper behaviour.
  • Coaches must wear a clear Coaching Kit from their respective Club.

In addition:

  • The SMO for teams are to ensure that all players bring their Player ID Cards and that all players are registered before they play their first league game
  • This includes ensuring they bring along their Original Passport or JSSL ID for the 1st game they play
  • Ensure that their parents are aware of the League Protocol in point 2 above, and that they MUST wear a face mask at all times, and that our venues do not allow, smoking, pets or animas, and bad language in any dialect


Players should:

  • Wear a mask before and after games at all times
  • Play according to the laws and THE spirit of the game
  • Be on time and be prepared for matches
  • Turn up for matches in appropriate and clean clothing
  • Always wear shin guards
  • Display self-control in all situations and never use foul or abusive language – before, during or after a game or training session
  • Train and play to the best of their ability, have a positive attitude, and encourage others to do the same
  • Respect the opposition. Treat them as you would like them to treat you
  • Respect the referee. Never dispute his or her decisions. They are only human and they make mistakes, just like you.
  • Line up after each game in the centre of the pitch to respect your opponents and nod/bow while walking past each other


  • Wear a mask at ALL times
  • Be your child’s best fan and support him/her unconditionally
  • Support all the players in your child’s squad. Do not criticise anyone
  • Help your child to focus on the performance and not the result and Remember – winning is not as important as the performance
  • Do not criticise the opponents, their parents or their officials
  • Display self-control in all situations. Never use foul or abusive language at any time
  • Never audibly dispute a referee’s decision. They will make mistakes occasionally. We all do. If you abuse or shout at the referee you are breaking the rules of the game.
  • Parents must not coach from the touchline during matches or training and leave this to the coach or you may cause confusion and erode your child’s confidence
  • Parents must not enter the field of play
  • If you have any issues please raise it with your clubs SMO / club officials
  • Remember – children don’t mean to make mistakes
  • There is no smoking, pets or bad language permitted at any JSSL venue
  • Please remember – the game is for the children and it is not for the glory of the coach, manager or parents.

Rules & Regulations

New League Rules 2020/21

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