1. All teams will be required to register online all their players before the start of the season
2. This MUST be done at least 1 week before the start of the League Season
3. It is the responsibility for each club/manager to ensure that all their team players have been registered online. Any player who has not registered online will not be permitted to play.
3. Information on the team registration form must be accurate and players pictures must be current.
4. It is the responsibility of the club/manager to upload online:
– Players recent picture
– passport number and date of birth
5. On the first day a player plays he/she will be required to bring his/her original passport to verify his/her Player Registration
6. Please make sure the Team coach arrives early before the first scheduled game to complete the registration of the players in the team
7. Registration will be handled at the JSSL Registration tent at each venue
8. Teams can add new players to team lists during the season, however, the player MUST be registered online before they play their first game, and he/she must provide his/her original passport for verification
9. Registered players must get their stamps at the JSSL Registration tent before being allowed to play.