Welcome to the New JSSL League Season

JSSL Singapore Premier Leagues Kick Off To A Great Start

134 Teams and over 1500 players from all over Singapore

Dear Players, Coaches, Managers and Parents,

We are delighted to launch our new JSSL Singapore Leagues website and welcome everyone to the 2013/2014 JSSL Singapore Leagues. This year the Leagues are even bigger than last season with 134 teams and over 1,600 players competing in Singapore’s Premier Youth Leagues. As we get ready for the start of the new 2013/2014 League Season we would like to welcome all the new teams entering the League as well as all our returning teams.

As in previous years the Leagues are split into the Premier Leagues, which kick off on September 8th - for the top teams on the Island competing in the Group 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16; and the Championship Leagues, which starts on September 15th and which is for development and fun in the age groups of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.

In the Premier Leagues there is 1 division made of up the top 8 teams in Singapore each age group. In the the Championship Leagues we have up to 4 divisions in some age groups made up or 6 teams in each division.

Last season we introduced a Promotion and Relegation system within the Championship League divisions which proved to be very successful. For the new 2013/2014 Season we will continue with this and have extended it to the Premier Leagues and the Championship Leagues Division 1 teams. This now means that after the first half of the season, come January, the bottom team in the Premier Leagues will be relegated to the Championship League Division 1 and the top team in Division 1 will be promoted to the Premier League. With the promotions system in place between Championship League Divisions and now the Premier Leagues, this will make every match competitive and challenging for the children and teams.

A new addition to the Leagues will be a comprehensive age checking policy of all players before each game. At the beginning of the season each player MUST bring along their original passport as proof of ID. After that, and before each match they must register in person at the League Registration desks and obtain a League Stamp on their hand. This will allow them to play on that day. If a player does not have a stamp they will not be allowed on the pitch. Original passports are only required the first time a player plays.

Finally, we would like to wish all the players the very best for the new season and good luck to all the teams.

Yours sincerely
Harvey Davis

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