Super League Champions Crowned in Exciting Finale

16 League Champions Crowned

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Monday, 3 April 2017: The season came to an exciting close on 2 April when the final Super League champions were crowned after months of competitive action.

Said JSSL Managing Director Harvey Davis: “The competition was intense across all levels, and the kids have given off their best over the last few months. We should also thank all the parents and family members who turned over over the last few months to urge the teams on.”

Congratulations are thus in order to all JSSL Super League players and teams and in particular as follows:


  • Boys 16’s Super Leagues Champions – JSSL Elite
  • Boys 8’s Super League Champions - Turf City
  • Boys 10’s Super League Champions – JSSL Elite
  • Boys 12 Super League Champions – JSSL Elite
  • Boys 14 Super League Champions – Chelsea SS Singapore

Super League Div 2 Champions

  • Boys 14 Super League Div 2 Champions – Singapore Sports School
  • Boys 8’s Super League Div 2 Champions – ESA
  • Boys 10 Super League Div 2 Champions – JSSL Elite 9’s
  • Boys 12 Super League Div 2 Champions – JSSL NeXt Gen 12’s
  • Boys 16 Super League Div 2 Champions – ANZA

On 2 April,  the final Super League Champions was crowned in what was an exciting end to the season.

In the Boys 16’s ESA went into the final weekend on top and favourites with SCC in second place. However, it was the JSSL Elite boys who came from 3rd spot to beat SCC in their first game and then ESA in their 2nd game to unexpectedly take home the title.

In the Boys 14 Championship League Division 2 Singapore Sports School lifted the honours.

Championship League Champions Boys 8, Boys 10 & Boys 12 - (winning pictures here)

In an action packed Championship League Super Sunday there were 14 League Champions crowned across 3 age groups. Congratulations to all of our CL players and teams and a big thanks to all the supporting parents.

CL Boys 8’s

  • Div 1 – JSSL Elite 7’s CHAMPIONS
  • Div 2 – LFA 8’s Bravo CHAMPIONS
  • Div 3 – Blue Eagles CHAMPIONS
  • Div 4 – St. Michaels CHAMPIONS
  • Div 5 - LFA Kiddos CHAMPIONS

CL Boys 10’s

  • Div 1 – Chelsea FC CHAMPIONS
  • Div 2 – ANZA Gold CHAMPIONS
  • Div 3 – Bedok Youth CHAMPIONS
  • Div 4 – St. Michaels CHAMPIONS
  • Div 5 - JSSL Cazorla CHAMPIONS
  • Div 6 – Chelsea FC CHAMPIONS

CL Boys 12’s

  • Div 1 – LFA 12’s Alpha
  • Div 2 – ESA Turin
  • Div 3 – Milan SS Singapore

Stay tuned for next weekend’s final CL Boys 6’s, 14 & 16’s Leagues and the final Girls League games.

JSSL Venues

This year’s JSSL Leagues are being played at 4 venues with the Super League games at JSSL’s HQ at The Arena and Stamford American International School, while the Championship Leagues are played at UWC East and Tanglin Trust School.

For more information and a glimpse of all the league results and tables from the weekend, please head to and on the JSSL League App.

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